Ben Hanson

Contact Details

Dr. Ben Hanson PhD CEng MIMechE
Departmental Tutor and Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering
UCL Mechanical Engineering
University College London
London WC1E 7JE
Tel. +44 207 679 3894

Affiliate status in UCL Division of Medicine | Honorary Research Fellow at the Heart Hospital (UCLH)

This personal homepage is an accompaniment to my UCL Research Homepage which contains up-to-date details of publications and research activities.


Our latest publication on mental stress and cardiac electrophysiology, in Circulation EP, has been picked up by the media:



Biomedical Research: Swallowing disorders, "dysphagia"

Disorders affecting the safety or efficiency of swallowing can be managed by controlling mechanical properties (rheology) of foods and drinks. I discuss some issues in articles in the Royal College journal "Bulletin", Complete Nutrition, and Clinical Nutrition.
I have been invited to give numerous international talks on the interactions between rheology and swallowing and am keen to see engineering applied to improve quality of life and safety. I am on the working committee of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative.
A video clip of beverage thickeners under the microscope.

Control Engineering Application: Mini Rheometer

A portable self-sensing rheometer device for on-line measurement of viscosity: Project homepage. Articles in BBCi, The Engineer



Cardiovascular Modelling

Real-time simulation of the Cardiovascular System: videos 1, 2.
Lecture Material for Cardiovascular Engineering MSc students here
Modelling and control of the heart, based on electrical measurements:
Video clip of the progression of a heart beat.
Research was published in the journal Circulation with a video supplement and a feature editorial about this paper.

Current research on the effect of emotional stress on cardiac electrophysiology and the risk of sudden cardiac death featured in a documentary on BBC FOUR in July 2012. Open-access journal paper relating to this hospital-based study on patients.




Other Creations

Links to a few paintings:
Audrey 1 , 2 , picasso copy, fake plastic sunflowers.
And some chocolates: box , goo , coffee .